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And then there was a road...

Excavators are back on site this week working on the main road into the site as well as the driveways to each of the buildings. Once the roadways are complete, they will break ground on the first buildings in Phase 2 of the project, Buildings D and F.

Building G saw some detail work start with the installation of the door hardware, shower benches and trim, and light fixtures. Ceiling fans have been delivered and will be installed next week. Countertops have been installed in Building E along with tile backsplashes. Trim and door installation continues in Building C. Drywall inspections have passed in Building A. Painters are finishing up the first round of paint and cabinets are being placed. Bathroom tile has also started in Building A.

If you are planning a trip to Crested Butte, be sure to call and schedule a private tour!

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